With the new update to the Google Analytics GA4 statistics tool, we noticed major changes that occurred in its criteria. A group of metrics that were considered very important yesterday were abandoned, while the role of many was reduced to become subordinate to other indicators.

How to harness the tremendous capabilities of artificial intelligence at your service with the highest possible quality, starting with responding to customers, analyzing marketing campaigns, formulating content, and more.

Whenever you can. Failure to take this into consideration may lead to deterioration of the smart watch in terms of its external and internal parts. This can also cause your smartwatch to malfunction over time. You have to take care of your device so that it can serve you for a long time. Here are the ways to take good care of your smart watch.

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Support for multiple SIM cards (or eSIM) is a useful feature in Android, especially when traveling, but it takes a while to switch back and forth. Soon, Android may make this process much easier.

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