Should Apple make its own iPhone screen protector? [Poll]

Apple makes a range of iPhone accessories from cases and adapters to AirPods and Apple Watch. But as it happens, the second-most popular add-on for iPhone owners is something Apple has never made. Is it time for an Apple-made iPhone screen protector?

A new report from CIRP today looks at the most purchased accessories over the last year as it tries to answer the question “What else can Apple sell to iPhone customers?”

Interestingly, in its survey, 61% of iPhone owners have picked up a screen protector in the last year – and it also happened to be the only accessory on the list that Apple doesn’t make.

The screen protector market is very competitive with highly-rated glass ones running as cheap as $8 on Amazon

But Apple could no doubt grab a chunk of the market by appealing to customers who like to stick with the official high-end accessories.

Apple could use premium materials like ceramic or sapphire crystal or offer a privacy-focused screen protector alongside a standard one.

Interestingly, BodyGuardz launched the ceramic-based Apex Premium Glass Screen Protector earlier this year with a $80 price tag and big promises.

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