The way forward for advertising is right here: The way to make use of synthetic intelligence in advertising

In fact, artificial intelligence is not new today. For several years, we have been hearing a lot about this field, but we do not give it that importance.

However, starting in the year 2023, specifically when the ChatGPT program was launched , it has become a focal point at the present time. Rather, it is the future and the step of moving to it has become an inevitable necessity. E-marketing is among the fields affected by this emerging trend.

As a marketer, neglecting to develop your strategies may be the beginning of the end of your career. In return, investing in this transformation will make your work easier and more accurate than ever before.

What is AI marketing?

Simply put, it is marketers relying on artificial intelligence to analyze the performance of their advertising campaigns, where customer behavior is studied, that data is collected and re-refined to extract the most appropriate segment and work to improve it to give the best user experience, which will directly affect reducing the cost and increasing the efficiency of the advertising campaign.

Artificial intelligence in electronic marketing is also about exploiting all available elements and trying to employ them in what serves the customer perfectly. Perhaps you may rely on a chatbot equipped to answer your customers’ questions, use one of the tools for producing content and formulating marketing sentences efficiently, or benefit from target audience analysis tools, etc. till then..

How to use artificial intelligence in marketing

Every marketer has his favorite strategy that he is comfortable with in employing AI, and below I will share with you the best methods in which artificial intelligence excels, and how you can benefit from each method and employ it in its most appropriate context.

1- Hire an expert on your site with a 24/7 system

employing AI and

One of the wonderful uses of artificial intelligence is to delegate tasks that previously took you a lot of time. Any new customer has a number of inquiries that he wants clear and convincing answers before he takes the step of purchasing.

Most of these questions are repeated, or what is known as Frequently Asked Questions. Here comes the role of smart chatbots in giving a satisfactory and comprehensive answer. With the rapid development that we are experiencing now in this field, this robot can be trained and also linked with the famous chat program ChatGPT, which will give accurate answers in the manner of a specialized expert, which will remove your great worry and at the same time customer service, which is considered one of the most important marketing standards, so you will entrust it to a competent robot. Reliable.

1- Data analysis

Explanation of Traffic acquisition

One of the most powerful artificial intelligence techniques in marketing is penetrating a huge amount of data, studying it well, then analyzing it and presenting it in the form of a ready-made report that shows how the advertising campaign performed in the smallest possible details, such as the time spent on each page, how the customer’s behavior was, measuring CTR ratio , is the ER rate at the ideal level, what was the cost per click , also comparing the results and is there an improvement, etc..

Analyzing and studying these ratios will enable artificial intelligence to predict your future advertising campaigns and give you approximate numbers, which will make the picture in front of you clearer. This detailed report will also help you summarize and reduce errors as much as possible.

Among the most prominent tools that invest heavily in this field, we mention Google Analytics 4 , which will not be to your advantage without the accuracy of the data it provides.

2- Automating mailings

Automating ai mailings

Email marketing is considered one of the most powerful promotional methods that we promote. It is considered a long-term investment as you build your own audience base that you communicate with directly, which makes the CR rate at its highest levels.

But the exhausting thing about email marketing is that you must constantly feed the audience on your list in order to maintain the same performance. With the artificial intelligence revolution, this has become noticeably easier. Here everything will be programmed to happen automatically. With every new user, he will be provided with marketing and educational messages from the same field.

But the role of artificial intelligence goes much further than this. Not every new subscriber to your mailing list will have the same behavior. There are those who will see all the messages, some who will never open them, and a segment that will open the first messages and then ignore the rest over time. Here comes the role of Artificial Intelligence, as it studies each group separately and sends them different messages.

For example, after marketing message No. 6, you promoted a specific offer. Some people responded to it and others remained hesitant. The algorithms will try to show them more relevant content, and with a studied number, they will promote the same offer, but in a different manner. There are those who will buy and there are those who are not yet convinced. . It will continue in the same way and by repeating the same method, the algorithms will develop their level and know well the type of messages for each customer in order to shorten the path and achieve the best results.

One of the most powerful email marketing tools that we recommend is the FluentCRM tool , which excels greatly at what is known as automation and programming marketing messages, and the nice thing is that you will manage everything from the same WordPress platform.

3- Edit the content


You want to build a strong online presence for yourself. Focusing on constantly producing new content is a given, and it is important that all your movements are based on a well-thought-out content marketing strategy so that its results are effective.

Here we find artificial intelligence strongly imposing itself in this field, and one of the most powerful content creation tools we find is Jasper , which will make you produce exclusive, high-quality content in a very short period of time. Whether your plan at the present time is to focus on marketing through search engines , here you will create long articles in a style that… The pinnacle of eloquence. And also with regard to posts circulating on social media platforms, and other convincing advertising phrases.

3- Customize content

A field like marketing is like aiming at a moving target based on an unstable base. So your marketing strategies must be flexible and adapt to the situation you face.

Here the power of artificial intelligence is evident in accurately analyzing that audience and studying the user’s behavior while feeding it with content that suits its aspirations and using the method that influences it, where the content is customized based on the type of customer and his interests.

5- Improving sales

A good understanding of the reports provided by AI will help greatly in refining your advertising campaigns, and one of the most powerful and effective strategies that gives you a more accurate insight into knowing the best advertising formula is to rely on what is known as A/B Testing, which works to compare more than one advertisement and how the customer’s behavior was with it. When you compare the final results, you will have a clearer and more comprehensive picture.

9- Improving user experience

All the factors we discussed previously, if available, will provide the best value, as each element contributes its best to this coordinated mechanism. By investing in artificial intelligence technologies, that regular visitor to your website will be converted into a user and then a customer that you can benefit from continuously in the long term.

Examples of artificial intelligence in marketing

Employing artificial intelligence and entrusting it with major responsibilities has become the trend of the largest global companies. In fact, there are companies that already have a period of time that they depend on, and below we will mention some of them to you:

1- Amazon

Amazon is the best example of a company that relies on artificial intelligence in marketing. Once you search for any product, you will find the site’s algorithms suggesting potential products that you can purchase with the one you are looking for. These suggestions were based on the behavior of customers who had previously bought that product and purchased those options with it as well.

This is without forgetting the nominations that it displays as the best products that have been in demand recently, while displaying the best sections on the home page. All of this was the result of in-depth studies and analysis of the behavior of millions of visits based on its advanced Artificial Intelligence system.

2- Facebook Market Plus

Try to search for a specific product in the Facebook store known as Marketplace, and tomorrow you will find your page in that market are all products related to what you searched for the previous day. Here we find the platform investing in artificial intelligence in order to provide the goods you are looking for and get you used to buying from its store by displaying a group of related products.

3- Social media platform ads

A single search on the Google search engine, for example, for a wristwatch, and you will find your home page on social media platforms – especially Facebook and Instagram – suggesting different brands of elegant wristwatches.

Here we find that these advertising platforms rely on cookies to track your interests and display them to you, which is the same service they provide to advertisers so that they promote their products to people interested in that specific commodity. This is one of the most powerful uses of artificial intelligence in electronic marketing.

Why you should employ artificial intelligence techniques in marketing!

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In order to travel a long distance from point A to point B, using a means of transportation is beyond discussion. Whoever takes the plane will incur a higher cost, and in return, will save a lot of time and effort while enjoying additional comfort.

In the same context, we find artificial intelligence playing a pivotal role in simplifying marketing and making our work more effective and better in all aspects. Here are some points about how this field can serve you:

  1. Artificial intelligence relies on realism in improving your advertising campaigns, as everything is based on numbers and facts. On the other hand, the human element is somewhat biased towards using emotion, and despite this, we recommend balancing the two to make sound decisions.
  2. The increase in the rate of investment (ROI) is achieved by studying user behavior and allocating the best offer for him. The results of the latest campaigns will be better than the previous ones since they are considered the highest version of them.
  3. Save effort, time and even cost since half the effort will be taken care of, which will allow you to work more freely and efficiently.
  4. Improving the user experience by customizing the best offer according to the type of customer, which is based on previous data.
  5. Your marketing decisions will be better and more effective, as they are based on real values ​​and numbers.

Despite all the positives of marketing with artificial intelligence, it still requires human intervention. In the end, it is just programming and we are the ones directing it. Until this moment, you make many mistakes and need guidance from a human mind. For example, the content that you edit is considered to be of high quality, but it requires revision for spelling errors and verification of the accuracy of the information. This is just a simple example and a comparison to other fields.

In the end, employing artificial intelligence in marketing is one of the strengths that makes you achieve advanced positions over your competitors, starting with content creation, data analysis, and why not using smart chatbots in order to provide the best user experience for your customers.

All of these factors will work in your favor in order to enhance your marketing strategy, through improving the performance of your campaigns, more correct targeting, while making logical decisions based on reality and real numbers.