Android may soon make it way easier to swap between active SIMs

Support for multiple SIM cards (or eSIM) is a useful feature in Android, especially when traveling, but it takes a while to switch back and forth. Soon, Android may make this process much easier.

As it stands today, switching between one SIM and another in Android requires opening the Settings app, going to Network & internet settings, picking a SIM, and then setting your preference for mobile data and/or calls. It does not happen quickly, which can be a little frustrating if you’re pressed for time and trying to switch to a faster mobile network.

It’s been a request of at least some users for this to be faster, and handled through the Quick Settings. And, now, in a comment on the Issue Tracker, Google has confirmed that this will be taken care of in a future build of Android.

So, at some point in the future, Android will add a new Quick Settings tile that lets you switch between active SIMs, at least for data purposes. The comment was highlighted by Mishaal Rahman on Twitter/X, who also showcased a third-party app that mimics this functionality.

As for when this change might go live, we really don’t know, but Android 14’s QPR1 release would be the first real opportunity to give it a shot.on Android: